Marketing Campaign

Lucky7 marketing campaign for Project consisted of logo design, brochure design, press advertisements and digital marketing.


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Newspaper editorial design
Graphic DesignCopywritingEditorial Design
Cruise brochure design
BrandingGraphic DesignEditorial Design
Client: Travel Counsellors
Civil Ceremony Invitations
Graphic DesignTypography
BrandingGraphic Design
Client: Makeup by Georgia & Lashea Lashes
Thailand Travel Guide
Graphic DesignIllustrationEditorial Design
Client: Travel Counsellors
Madeira Travel Guide
Client: Travel Counsellors
Infographic Marketing Campaign
21st Birthday Party Invitations
Graphic Design
Gift Vouchers
BrandingGraphic Design
Client: Makeup by Rachel
Poster Design
Graphic DesignIllustrationAdvertising
Client: Leigh Centurions
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